Search for information about (religious) cults, cult-like organizations, and cults experts, — as well as paranormal-, New Age, and pseudo-scientific claims — across 260+ websites, blogs and forums dedicated to cult research, spiritual abuse information, ex-cult counseling & support.


  • This search engine returns results primarily from websites and blogs that address cults from a sociological perspective.
  • If you are looking for information on religious cults, churches, movements, preachers or doctrines from a mainstream Christian theological perspective, use instead.
  • See also: theological vs. sociological definitions of the term ‘cult.’

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If you have questions or concerns about cults, you’ve come to the right place.  Use to find information about (alleged) cult groups, cult-like organizations, abusive churches, cultic behavior, spiritual abuse, undue influence and related topics.

You can also search for information about lay- and professional cult experts, but buyer-beware: you’ll want to be careful when selecting an expert.


The term ‘cult’ can be defined in different ways, usually depending on the context in which it is used.  For instance, a movement or organization can be considered a cult theologically if it departs in significant ways from the essential doctrines of the movement it identifies with. Such a group may or may not exhibit cult-like characteristics sociologically. 

Theology is about beliefs/doctrines. Sociology is about practice/actions.  Use the search engine or these links to find more information.

Cult Experts

Be careful when evaluating people who present themselves as ‘cult experts.’ The term is not protected. Anyone can use it regardless of ability, approach, or level of acceptance by recognized authorities in the field.  

This is true for similar titles as wel, such as: ‘consultant,’ ‘thought reform consultant,’ ‘lecturer,’ ‘exit counselor,’ ‘intervention specialist,’ ‘cult specialist,’ ‘court expert,’ ‘cult watcher,’ ‘cult tracker,’ and et cetera.

Stay away from individuals who come across as used car salesmen, refer to their efforts with pompous sounding titles, or talk primarily in sound bytes.

See How to Select a Cult Expert for details.  

Recommended Books about Cults

Education is often the first step out of a cult — or the reason not to join one in the first place.

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First published March 10, 2015

Last Updated on May 9, 2021